In a business marked by profound change, you need a clear-eyed perspective to move forward. Our experts share their ideas on the complex issues ahead. clinical services in emerging and traditional markets of research along with experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas and phases of development.

Understanding the challenges and risks is the first step in realizing unmatched potential. For those who can navigate those risks, the opportunities promise great reward. The key: adapt and innovate. Axzons Research will help you chart the way.

Our multi-national pharmacovigilance team provides 24/7 coverage from our safety units to electronically collect, assess and report (S)AEs, SUSARs, and ADRs for secure reporting to sponsors, regulatory agencies, sites and ethics committees.

Our Agenda

Systems Thinking

A profound shift is occurring that demands an integrated model for the discovery, development and delivery of healthcare solutions that encompass the entire healthcare continuum.It requires stakeholders to think holistically about their business processes, focusing on quality, cost and value outcomes that can be achieved only through transparent partnerships with peers and competitors.

Data & Technology

To help pave the way for your product’s success, we help you get the data you need, when you need it.

  • Continuously bringing together all relevant facts to provide the complete picture of your trial’s progress
  • Highlighting trends that impact safety, quality and efficiency so you can address them proactively
  • Building in automated workflows to streamline your clinical development so you get to submission faster and more cost-effectively

Proving Value
Bringing new therapies to patients requires an approach that engages an expanding number of stakeholders. The goal: Demonstrate your product’s value to each one.

In the global healthcare ecosystem, each player has its own definition of value – and proving value to this diverse group is now a top priority. Only by involving the entire constellation of stakeholders and incorporating their needs throughout the drug development lifecycle can we make a difference in healthcare outcomes.


Our medical and scientific experts are unlocking a better understanding of disease biology to help drive targeted therapies.

Patient Outcomes

Payers today want demonstrable results, and they won’t pay for products or services unless they are convinced that they will receive quality outcomes at reasonable prices. Indeed, many payers are already moving down the road of paying for outcomes rather than for individual products or services, and this trend will only accelerate.