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    Research & Development,Sales & Marketing,Public Health & Government,Payers & Providers,Medical Devices,Biosimilars.

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  • Clinical Trials

    Axzons is transforming clinical development by providing an integrated clinical solution with full-spectrum strategies and insights that have a proven impact on success.

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    AXZONS offers a broad range of specialised services to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to bring new drugs and devices to market faster. Our services span the entire lifecycle of product development and can be adapted to suit small local trials or large global programs.

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    The new realities in biopharma leave less margin for error. Success requires the right partner. With Axzons you can move forward with confidence.

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Achieve better outcomes with evidence and insight for better decisions.

Every stakeholder in the New Health needs more evidence to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Your partner for success is AZR...


Medical Device Services

Expert guidance and a wide range of testing programs to support medical device product development - from concept to commercialization.

Getting medical devices to market is a complex and difficult process in today's changing regulatory environment. AZR is uniquely positioned, with specialized programs and our many years of industry-leading experience, to provide the services and guidance manufacturers require.

Our testing programs are developed in compliance with global regulatory requirements and can be customized for your needs at any point throughout the product development lifecycle. AZR's industry recognized scientists have the expertise and experience to support your decision making - from the development phase all the way through commercial release.

Toxicology Testing for Devices

AZR offers in-vivo and in-vitro non-clinical safety evaluation programs. As the uniqueness of each product requires a case-by-case approach, we partner with clients to ensure that all study components meet specific program objectives. Testing services are based on the current global regulatory guidelines and requirements, and our quality systems have been audited and accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide. AZR scientists have extensive experience in designing non-clinical safety testing programs, and our services have supported a number of successful regulatory submissions in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Testing Services

Acute Toxicity (in-vivo)

Range Finding

  • Up/Down
  • Limit Test
  • Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD)

Fixed Dose
Local Tolerance

Repeat Exposure (in-vivo)

Range Finding

Genotoxicity (in-vitro and in-vivo

In-vitro Bacterial Mutagenicity
In-vitro Mouse Lymphoma
In-vitro Chromosomal Aberrations
In-vivo Mouse Micronucleus



Tissue Collection qPCR Analysis


Delayed-type Hypersensitivity

Ubiquitous Biopharmaceuticals

Ubiquitous Biopharmaceuticals can achieve the same scale and efficiencies afforded by “big pharma,” all with the care and dedication of a personalized team.

As a Ubiquitous biopharma company, when you succeed the results are transformational. At the same time, you face a unique set of challenges--tighter budgets, access to varied industry expertise and continual demonstration of value to investors. You need to show results quickly and efficiently.

AZR understands these differences. Our Ubiquitous solutions are managed by dedicated teams to provide personalized service to you and your teams. In addition, you can tap into AZR scale across 45 countries and expertise.

  • Studies managed by AZR are more likely to gain FDA approval.
  • AZR led trials achieve on-time enrollment and faster start-up timelines.
  • 14 therapeutic Centers of Excellence to optimize strategic elements of your programs -- from target product profiles and trial design to regulatory submissions and market access.

Biopharmaceutical Sales & Marketing

Accelerate your product’s launch and reach the market gatekeepers who determine your product’s success.

  • Global infrastructure and site relationships to scale up to deliver large trials quickly and efficiently.

    To market your product, you now need to demonstrate greater value and improved patient outcomes while managing risk. AZR is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your ultimate goal: A drug that physicians prescribe, that patients adhere to and that payers endorse.

    Partnering with us gives you access to:
    • Gain market access to diverse stakeholders with the most compelling value dossier.
    • Develop real-world evidence for your product, including observational studies with larger populations.
    • Deliver the right message to the right audience about your product’s value.

  • Multi-National Coverage in Emerging Markets

    AZR has extensive experience and resources in emerging markets of Eastern Europe, India, South Africa, and Latin America which can offer many advantages over traditional clinical research markets including:

    • Lower costs for patient screening, hospitalization, and investigator fees
    • Fewer competing studies with patients that are more likely to enroll, more compliant, and less likely to drop out
    • Our offices and field-based staff are located in densely populated cities resulting in less travel time and fewer associated costs through the duration of the study