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    AXZONS offers a broad range of specialised services to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to bring new drugs and devices to market faster. Our services span the entire lifecycle of product development and can be adapted to suit small local trials or large global programs.

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    Research & Development,Sales & Marketing,Public Health & Government,Payers & Providers,Medical Devices,Biosimilars.

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  • Consulting

    The new realities in biopharma leave less margin for error. Success requires the right partner. With Axzons you can move forward with confidence.

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  • Clinical Trials

    Axzons is transforming clinical development by providing an integrated clinical solution with full-spectrum strategies and insights that have a proven impact on success.

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Achieve better outcomes with evidence and insight for better decisions.

Every stakeholder in the New Health needs more evidence to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Your partner for success is AZR...


Product Development Strategy

Maximize portfolio value & minimize risk with integrated clinical & commercial insights in your development planning.

To make the right calls on which drug candidates to pursue, you need early phase insights for more confident

The smartest product development strategies are informed by a clear grasp of market realities. The earlier you start, the better. Integrating clinical and commercial objectives to maximize value and drive market adoption
  • Asset strategy ­– Positioning your product and your portfolio for success requires a thorough assessment of the growing number of stakeholders to anticipate their expectations for your product’s value
  • Evidence development – Optimizing your clinical, health economics & outcomes research to gather the right evidence from the start, saving time and effort after approval
  • Go-to-market strategy – Strengthening your launch with pricing and reimbursement expertise, brand strategies and sales mobilization to ensure market success
  • Early Clinical Development

    Answering the demand for pipeline productivity starts in early stage clinical development. To make the right calls on which drug candidates to pursue, you need early phase insights. Early clinical development requires specialized expertise to make better decisions earlier ­–

  • Proven early phase experience ~ 1,000+ studies from first-in-human trials to studies involving patients and special populations in all major therapeutic areas
  • Best-in-class predictive tools to confirm compound viability – PK/PD modeling and simulation, early QT analysis and biomarkers
  • Agility to adapt with new findings – Expertise in integrated protocols and adaptive trial designs
  • Comprehensive early clinical capabilities – Global network of Phase 1 clinics, bioanalytical labs, ECG labs
  • Commitment to ethics and safety – Protecting patient safety and meeting regulatory guidelines
  • Phase I/IIa Clinical Trials

    Early development decisions can better inform your later phase trials.

    Our Phase I/IIa scientists, seasoned project managers and clinical pharmacology units can help you assess safety, identify risks and set a sure course for development.

    Phase I trials require facilities equipped with the latest medical technology while still offering healthy volunteers a safe, comfortable environment. Strategically located in Europe and the US, our Phase I units offer a comprehensive solution for your specific therapeutic area, geography, size and complexity. We’ll help you:

    • Develop novel methods to accelerate proof of concept
    • Determine dose escalation and titration regimens
    • Access our deep bench of scientific experts and full pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) services
    • Establish definitive QT and perform TQT analysis with the industry’s largest staff of cardiologists
    • Adhere to globally consistent quality standards for patient safety and regulatory guidelines

    Interventional Phase IIIb/Phase IV Clinical Trials

    Post-marketing trials require agility and efficiency:

  • Global infrastructure and site relationships to scale up to deliver large trials quickly and efficiently
  • Integrated expertise in health outcomes, biostatistics, epidemiology and post-marketing regulations
  • Streamlined operations that reduce time and cost
  • In the last three years, we’ve conducted more than 225 Phase IIIb and Phase IV trials to:

  • Support new indications or label extensions
  • Obtain or expand market access
  • Support product differentiation and positioning
  • Demonstrate efficacy and comparative effectiveness
  • Meet post-marketing commitments
  • Evaluate and monitor safety
  • Marketing Strategies

    Today’s health economics require you to navigate new terrain. Clinical and commercial endpoints are converging. Market planning can’t wait until submission. You need an integrated blueprint to align your clinical and commercial goals.

    Entering new markets? AZR can help you understand all your stakeholders to support payer formulary adoption, negotiation of reimbursement, and messaging. The earlier we start, the better. We offer comprehensive expertise across the product continuum:

    • Strategy – To differentiate your product, you must know what payers, providers and patients want and what evidence will demonstrate the value they look for.
    • Evidence – Beyond clinical trials, you need to provide real-world outcomes to win market adoption. Moving with agility is key to streamline post-approval studies.
    • Relationships – It’s critical to reach the right payers and decision makers with the right value proposition at the global, national and local levels.