TDK AXZONS Capital is credit-oriented alternative asset managers, with a focus on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation for our clients.

TDK AXZONS Capital is the investment arm of AXZONS Healthcare, and structured as a general partner fund platform that invests in a variety of Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Mining and multi sector assets in theU.Sand Canada.

TDK Capital has a history of more than 200 year from a modest beginning as regional financial services corporation in Asia.

Our Objective

Investment Process

TDK AXZONS Capital generally invests $5 - $20 million in proven public and private companies, in the top 15 gateway cities in the United States as well as top 10 cities in the Canada. In all of the companies or assets that TDK AXZONS Capital invests in, Axzons Healthcare an independent Clinical Research Organization, provides consulting, development, planning, preclinical and clinical trial services. TDK AXZONS Capital’s operating partners are some of the best-in-class in the country.

Typical Deal

Typically, TDK AXZONS will invest capital after acting as consultant and alongside other investors, and TDK AXZONS will provide the consulting on legal, tax, fund structure, etc in coordination with best in class partners globally before investing alongside an investor.

  • TDK AXZONS de-risks, monetizes and creates value in all its partnerships.
  • Our team of professional’s extensive credit expertise and experience across market cycles is enhanced by access to proprietary global banking resources and perspective.
  • As the supply of available capital is constrained by changes in financial industry regulation and global credit market conditions, TDK AXZONS looks forward to continuing to provide financing solutions that enable companies to remain viable – and vital to their employees and communities – for the long term.


Our scale and expertise allow TDK AXZONS to provide financing solutions that enhance a corporation’s financial flexibility, while capturing opportunities for our investors.

Range of Disciplines

The solutions we offer are often not available elsewhere in the credit markets, and draw upon a range of non-investment grade disciplines including leveraged loans, high yield bonds, distressed debt, mezzanine lending and rescue financing.

Providing Solutions

TDK AXZONS has provided capital in privately originated transactions to enable companies to remain viable. TDK AXZONS seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in a broad array of public and private corporate credit instruments across multiple strategies. Our activities range from providing private capital to companies when other funding sources are unavailable to investing in public debt securities that are either undervalued or represent attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our Approach
Disciplined Strategy

Our investment strategy revolves around a disciplined credit review process and is founded on the belief that a deep understanding of companies and the industries in which they operate is critical to generating positive total returns and preserving principle.

Deep Expertise

TDK AXZONS is recognized for our specialized credit expertise and leading global leveraged finance franchise. We have a long track record of developing creative, value-additive solutions to address a corporation’s capital structure requirements.


Engaging across a broad array of strategies in the corporate credit markets, TDK AXZONS manages funds focusing on leveraged loans, high yield bonds, distressed debt, rescue financing and mezzanine lending.


TDK AXZONS provides access to extensive industry expertise, new sources of capital and a vast global network through its proprietary global banking resources and perspective.

• Capital Preservation

TDK AXZONS aims to minimize downside risk and protect principal by maintaining a diversified portfolio, performing intensive credit research and actively monitoring all investments.