Immunology & Rheumatoid Arthritis

The clinical development landscape for rheumatoid arthritis and immunologic disease drugs is rapidly changing.

More than ever, you need an ally with deep therapeutic expertise, efficient processes, rigorous analytics and operational excellence to help improve your probability of success.

Axzons has the experience and expertise to provide you with strategic and practical solutions in rheumatoid arthritis and immunologic disease.

Specific strengths of our Rheumatology and Immunology experts include:

• Internationally recognized clinical and medico-scientific expertise in Rheumatology and Immunology, including special focus on autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
• Ongoing activities in academia and in clinical practice, with extensive clinical and laboratory research backgrounds.
• Expertise in education at all levels of sophistication, providing investigators, their staffs, and Axzons staff with understandable, accurate and useful insights into disease process, standards of care, and new mechanisms of action of the therapeutic agent being studied and those in competing trials.
• Industry-leading experience with clinical development of biosimilars.
• Extensive experience with medical feasibility studies, clinical trial design, data-driven management of recruitment, enrolment and retention providing critical data about regions, countries, sites, investigators, standards/quality of care, and competing trials.
• Expertise in managing complex trials in Phase I-IV in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, with Best Practice Management across the entire therapeutic area.
• Global experts in central review of clinical data.

You can count on Axzons’ global experience and specialized expertise in immunology.
  • Integrated strategic and executional approach for better trial design
  • Axzons Initiation for optimized study start up leading to 35% faster enrolment
  • Data-driven Trial Execution (DTE) for heightened efficiency, value and predictability
  • Biomarker and genomic services to aid development of diagnostic and tracking tools
In the fight against infectious diseases, vaccine development is a major weapon -- and a significant growth market.
  • Agile, upfront planning and data-driven strategies to address a sliding timeline
  • Innovative delivery models to boost portfolio productivity and differentiation
  • Rapid startup, shorter enrollment and study timelines – exceeding industry benchmarks
  • Global footprint, local presence for custom solutions for your product, nearly anywhere in the world
  • Solutions across the product lifecycle, including market access and commercialization strategies