Oncology,Early Phase Oncology & Translational Oncology

To develop and launch new cancer therapies, Axzons is a collaborative partner that understands your specific challenges and the broader oncology landscape. From molecular pathways, biomarker identification and early phase trials to regulatory submission and product launch, Axzons can help you across the lifecycle, from designing your trials and finding the right patients, to gaining regulatory approval and accelerating market adoption.

With experience in virtually all major cancer indications, we integrate deep scientific and therapeutic insights to help optimize your development strategy.

Combining that with our unmatched operational expertise, we can extend the capabilities of your oncology teams across the product lifecycle – and across the globe.

The result: Increased probability of gathering the right data to support product utility, regulatory approval and commercial uptake.

Axzons’s global reach, therapeutic expertise and operational excellence can drive your oncology compound’s success.
  • Translational Oncology
    • Performing compound mechanism-of-action (MOA) studies and pathway elucidation
    • Identifying predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers
    • Developing and validating genomic and proteomic assays that focus on pathways and biomarkers for the drug and tumor type
    • Whole genome deep sequencing
    • In vivo TumorGraft testing
    • Microarray SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism)
    • Recommending drug combinations to improve clinical outcome and/or preemptively overcome mechanisms of resistance
    • Identifying potential target patients and tumor types
    • Assessing cardiotoxicity of compounds early in development
    • Offering integrated genomics solutions to identify biomarkers for evaluating drug efficacy, toxicity and responsiveness
    From genomic analysis to biomarker assessment, we’re equipped with the latest scientific advances to help you determine compound biology as well as identify and validate biomarkers.
  • Early Phase Oncology

    Our dedicated team of oncology clinical and operational experts can help you:

    • Ensure highest quality data to support your compound’s safety, MTD, and Pharmacokinetic profile
    • Go beyond the basics and confirm MOA
    • Gain early insights into efficacy
    • Assess Pharmacodynamic; Major Metabolites; Food Effect
    • Develop and implement a biomarker strategy
    • Determine if and which imaging technology to use
    • Identify the right biomarkers, clinical endpoints and dose-escalation schemes
    • Recruit the most appropriate patients, backed by a network of 1,300 oncology investigators and sites in over 60 countries
    • Integrate commercial insights into development strategies for optimal commercial planning and market access
    Get to proof of concept more efficiently and gain early insights to help you make smarter, more targeted decisions about your compound faster.
  • Site Strategy & Patient Recruitment – Our holistic approach to identifying the right sites and patients helps streamline trial start up and accelerate timelines. One key to our success: Our global network of partner sites and oncology investigators.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy – Our global oncology commercial teams include sales, clinical educators and medical science liaisons to maximize market access for optimal pricing and reimbursement.
  • Genomic Know-How – Axzons provides whole genome to focused set gene expression profiling and genotyping assays along with DNA and RNA sequencing services, sequence enrichment technologies and bioinformatics support.
  • Oncology Center of Excellence – This virtual, cross-functional team of therapeutic experts integrate their specialized knowledge with data-driven insights to help optimize your development strategy for your product, program or portfolio.