Community Health Interest

Navigating global public health challenges requires a partner at the intersection of therapeutic expertise and government policy.

By securing Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) and contracts or grants with governments, non-profit organizations and biopharma, Axzons supports efficient development of products that improve public health and enhance readiness for emerging or neglected diseases and bioterrorism.

Clinical development expertise for public health solutions

Working with government and other subsidized programs, Axzons specializes in clinical development of products and devices that address public health issues including:

  • Global health threats such as HIV/AIDS, influenza, malaria and tuberculosis
  • Less well-recognized health threats to the developing world such as hookworm and leishmaniasis
  • Biological, chemical and radiological threats (i.e., anthrax, botulism and others)
  • Lifestyle diseases and conditions that impact global public health such as obesity, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular diseases and cancer

In addition to helping you secure government and other non-dilutive funding for public health clinical research projects, we will ensure your program or project is planned, executed and delivered in full compliance with applicable government regulations and requirements (e.g., Federal Acquisition Regulation – FAR).